Types of Paper to Use for Printing a Business Card

A business card is very vital in any business or company. It is the easiest and cheapest medium of advertising a business or company.Any company that is serious in building a good customer base has to make a very good, eye catching and message conveying business card. So this article would cover some issues such as, importance of a business card, features of a good business card. Factors to consider when choosing a business card paper and different types of business cards:

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Importance Of A Business card to a company:

     As mentioned before, it is the easiest form of advertising,It does not require much processes, just handing it out to people in your line of business.

      It is also the cheapest so far

     It helps you build Your network of clients so fast.

Features of A good Business Cards or stock cards:

These are the vital features a Business card or what a business card should contain

       The company’s name

      The list of goods and services the company is offering

     Company’s contact address

   Company’s contact information such as the phone number, email address, social network handle

     The name of the card holder an His or Her position in the company.

Some General Factors to consider when choosing a Business card paper:

    The Thickness of the card stock or paper type: The thickness of the paper matters, and the thickness is measured in micrometer. A good business card should have at least 0.15 micrometer inch size.

   The Type of Finish A stock paper has: This is the next important factor to consider when choosing a Business card paper. Would the paper have a glossy finish which is highly and retains details without saturating the surface. and , or smooth finish, textured finish,or rough finishing?. These factors should be considered.

  Also put into consideration the type of printer that would be used for the printing job. Not all printers are compatible with every type of paper. For instance, an Inkjet printers is not very compatible on matte papers.

Different types of Business card papers or Stock cards and there major use:

   Glossy card stock: A glossy stock card has a type of coating ,that gives it a shiny finish. And the shiny finish reflect bright colors more. So this type of stock paper is better used on a business cards that have pictures and images. The glossy finish helps to project the images on the business card, so it is advised that the images on the business should project more information about the company. One good advantage of this kind of stock card is that , the glossy finish protects the card,and makes it last longer. while the con of this type of stock card is that, you can’t write on top of the card, it wouldn’t reflect.

      Matte card stock: This type of card stock has a silky and smooth type of surface. But is is not as shiny as the Glossy card stock.Matte cards come in different ranges of colors but the most popular is the white color. And advantage is that, you can easily write on top of the card, in case the company makes any changes in their address ,phone number etc. But it doesn’t last as long as the Glossy stock card.

      Textured Card stock:This comes in both the Glossy and matte card stocks. This type of card stock makes a business card unique and stand out. The textured stock cards, have patterns impressed into them, which gives it, it’s unique form. The glossy textured card stock has the same advantage as the normal glossy card stock, it has a shiny finish that protects it, and makes it last longer. While the matte textured card stock can be written on.

  The Regular card stock: This is the cheapest and the most common type of business card that can be seen anywhere. It comes with no unique design or peculiar finish. Its just an ordinary stock card, that just portrays the information on the business card.

In all, this article has covered what a business card is all about, the uses or importance of a business card, features that a business card should have, what to look out for when choosing a business card and different types of business cards. This should go a long way in helping you to make a choice for a card stock. For more  ideas go to this printers website.


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Common Home Buying Mistakes to be avoided by every prospective buyer


Home buyers often make some general mistakes when buyers that should be avoided at all costs. What the common home buying mistakes that buyers often make and should avoid are?

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A host of factors need to be taken into consideration while buying a home, the largest asset anyone can have. They also come quite expensive, and that is why the prospective buyer has to take into consideration a host of factors before settling for one. Yet many prospective buyers make mistakes that result in their paying dearly at the end of it.  Learning about the common home buying mistakes that many prospective buyers make would help one take the right decision in respect of buying any property they choose.

Here are some of the common homes buying mistakes that buyers often make.

Negotiating At a Later Stage Instead of Making Straight Offer

Some buyers try to bring down the asking price of the home by making offers for credit.

  • The process is asking the seller to allow credit instead of full price.
  • Later they try to negotiate for bringing down the asking price.
  • This is one of the most common home buying mistakesthat buyers may make.  The trick might work once a while, but most of the times it will backfire.
  • The reason is that it is most likely that the seller has in place a convenient back up plan and may sell out the property to someone that is more interested in the property than the buyer making such offer.
  • Hence, instead of trying to negotiate and bring down the price at a later stage, it would be better making a straight offer and sticking to it.

Reducing Price at the last Moment

Another big mistake that many prospective buyers commit is trying reduction in price at the last moment. When the negotiation has been made, and there is already some agreement on the price, it will never be a brilliant ploy trying reduction at the last moment. On some occasions, the buyer may be able to get some reduction in cost, but not to the extent he or she desires and it may create a unhealthy vibe between the transacting parties.

Moreover, there are also the possibilities of not able to buy the house at all as there could be others interested in buying the property at a price lower than negotiated but higher than what the prospective buyer is hoping to get the property

One of things to avoid in home buying is getting obsessed with any property.

  • Some buyers get so obsessed with a property that he or she will like to buy it at all costs.
  • Most of the times such buyers would end up paying much higher than what he or she ought to have paid for property in question.
  • It is therefore always prudent comparing and contrasting different properties and should always be ready to shift to a new one if one deal fails and he or she is not able to get the property in question.

Making Unreasonably Low Offer

Sometimes home buyers make an offer that is unreasonably low. Though everyone desires to save money it does not make sense making some offer that will be totally unacceptable to the owner. Result of such unreasonable offers is that potential buyers will usually lose the property they could otherwise have acquired. This is also a losing proposition in the long run as they will end up buying alternative homes at a higher cost than the one that was originally chosen.

Prospective home buyers mistake also include the case where they indulge in too much shopping.

There are people that have checked and tried to get a suitable home for years together ending up with no positive results despite all their efforts. On the other hand, such shopping nature could ultimately force one to buy some home hastily at a higher price. Simple outcome of all these is that waiting too much hoping for an incredible deal can lead the buyer nowhere.

Not Considering all Aspects

Buying a home is not all about an excellent looking as well as strong and durable home, but it is much more than that. Apart from the looks and make of the house there are several other factors that need to be taken into consideration. Neighborhood, environment, approach, proximity to various utilities like school, market, bus and taxi stands, railway station, and such others are as important as the look and appearance of the house. Not considering all aspects in enthusiasm to buy a house is the common home buying mistake many buyers commit.

After all; a luxurious palace in a location without the facilities of a relaxed, pollution free, and convenient living may not be as desirable in reality as it looks from a distance.